Straight 8 Entertainment is a progressive artist management company that focuses on steering the careers of its clients to create a personal connection with their fans. We believe that blending industry veterans with cross-industry assets creates an opportunity to forge a strategic advantage for our clients. Our family of artist managers represents an experienced, hardworking, and innovative mix of what works in today’s music & entertainment universe. This is closely tied with an unparalleled technological & strategic digital approach.

Straight 8 Entertainment enables direct access and applicable focus through not only traditional music interfaces, but also by empowering opportunities directly across other media assets including TV, motion pictures, sports, and corporate relationships. The experienced Straight 8 management team has the skill set necessary not only to manage the careers of today’s most experienced artists, but to mentor and develop tomorrow’s brightest stars. Straight 8 is committed to setting the new bar for how to excel in today’s entertainment market. Utilizing strong relationships and on-hand resources, we navigate the most suitable path with & for our clients.


Management Services

  • Traditional Management
  • Recording & Production
  • Tour Production
  • Imaging & Brand Development
  • Distribution & Commerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • New Media
  • Licensing & Publishing
  • Corporate Partnerships


Premium Services

Digitally Sound

Founded in 2011, Digitally Sound is a full-service label & distribution services division of Straight 8 Entertainment. DS is home to a diverse family of releases in the rock, pop, country, faith-based & adult contemporary formats.



S8 Creative Services

Our S8 Creative team works with artists to fulfill services traditionally falling under A&R. Contact us for further info on these services.

– Record Production                      – Tour Production
– Branding & Imaging                     – Distribution
– Product Management                  – Video Production
– Radio Servicing                            – Press/Publicity
– Event Production