Brad Whitford Talks Aerosmith, Whitford St. Holmes 2016 Plans With Billboard

Brad Whitford was recently interviewed by Billboard about the future of Aerosmith and about Whitford St. Holmes’ plans for 2016. Check out what the legendary rock-and-roll guitarist had to say below!

Aerosmith wrapped up its Blue Army Tour at the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony celebration on Aug. 7 in Canton, Ohio. The group is, however, expected to play in South America during the new year. Meanwhile, Joe Perry is planning to work on a new solo album after playing as part of Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp’s Hollywood Vampires project, while the reunited Whitford St. Holmes — which the two launched in 1980 and released one self-titled album the following year — hits the road Nov. 12 in Milwaukee for a 10-date tour. It’s a bit of a silver lining for Whitford and will see the release of a new album, Reunion, in the near future.


“Derek and I now live in the same town [Nashville] and we’ve been great friends since the mid-’70s, and once we were hanging out here together it was just the natural evolution of us sitting around and creating music and we just got to the point of, ‘Wow, we’ve got to do something with this,'” Whitford says. They recorded Reunion over a two-week period at Castle Recording Studios in Franklin, Tenn., with Beau Maxwell and a band that includes Tesla drummer Tony Luccketta and Aerosmith touring keyboardist Buck Johnson, among others.


“It’s a classic rock album — modern classic rock,” Whitford says. “I mean, that’s what we do. We’re all rockers, and we’re not gonna try and do anything else but what we know and what we love. I think a lot of Aerosmith fans are really going to enjoy this record because all I ever hear is, ‘When you gonna do another Toys? When you gonna do another Rocks?’ That’s what this album is. It’s very straight-ahead, stripped-down classic rock.”


Whitford and St. Holmes wrote all nine songs for Reunion and plan to return to the studio after the tour to start recording more material they’ve come up with. “We have no expectations for anything; we’re just having a lot of fun and I think it shows,” Whitford says. “Whatever happens with it is whatever happens. Our goal is just to be able to enjoy and have a good time, ’cause we all come from bands where it feels like somebody else’s agenda, and this is our thing and Derek and I are just enjoying being able to call our own shots and have a good time.”

Be sure to catch Whitford St. Holmes on the road this fall, starting November 12 in Milwaukee!