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Conducting reunion tours is always a challenging endeavor, especially for a band that has long been absent from the mainstream. The reputation of the band’s name and its members can heavily influence the decision to embark on such a venture, but numerous factors contribute to the final choice. Ultimately, the focus remains on the fans, as was the case with Brother Cane from Alabama. The spark for their most recent commemorative tour arose from a yearning to revive enthusiasm among their fans, spurred by persistent requests to perform these songs live, especially from those who remember the band from the intricate era of 1990s rock music in the United States. Brother Cane consistently possessed a distinctive sound they could proudly claim as their own.

I recently had a conversation with Damon Johnson, formerly of the bands Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders, Alice Cooper, and currently full time member of Lynyrd Skynyrd, about his former band Brother Cane and the motivation behind their recent string of live performances, among other topics. The interview, which you can find on our channel here, was quite intriguing.

Damon successfully reunited with the founding member, bassist Glenn Maxey, and with the additional chemistry from long-time collaborators such as guitarist Tony Higbee and drummer Jarred Pope, who have both performed live with Damon over the years and on his solo records, the live lineup was truly impressive.

During our discussion last week, Damon’s enthusiasm for performing two new songs in front of their fans was palpable. Both singles, “Blinded By The Sun” and “Are You In There Anymore,” carry influences from Johnson’s previous works in Thin Lizzy, while maintaining the gritty, loud, and grungy elements of classic Brother Cane. It was truly a treat to experience these tunes live.

The night began energetically with the opening act Cage Willis, whose blend of Alternative Outlaw, Southern Rock, and Hard Rock set a perfect tone for Brother Cane. Their music, particularly the song “Who Am I,” which incidentally was produced by Chris Robertson of Black Stone Cherry, resonated well with the audience. I highly recommend adding them to your daily playlist.


As Brother Cane took the stage, it was impossible not to notice Damon Johnson’s intense and passionate performance, reminiscent of the energy he brought to the stage with Black Star Riders nearly a decade ago. I was particularly impressed by the development and nurturing of his vocals over the years; he sounded remarkable live. The band exuded sheer joy and enthusiasm, clearly relishing the opportunity to perform these songs for their dedicated fans. The setlist included favorites like “That Don’t Satisfy Me,” “Hard Act To Follow,” “Hung On A Rope,” and “Lie In the Bed I Make,” with the climax being the unforgettable “Got No Shame,” during which former guitarist Dave Anderson joined in, infusing the performance with an extended, electrifying jam session.


While the band has previously undertaken one-off shows or mini-tours, this recent endeavor marks the first comprehensive tour in quite some time. It’s evident that, after all these years, the band members are simply having a blast on stage, devoid of the pressures of promoting records or driving sales. They are just a group of musicians deeply passionate about their craft, delivering an exceptional live experience. During our conversation, Damon hinted that if the tour goes well, there might be more new music in store from Brother Cane in the future. If you have the chance, don’t miss the opportunity to catch these guys live in any of the cities on their tour! You won’t regret it. Support the Rock always!!!