NASHVILLE, Tenn. (7 October, 2015) – Written in 30 minutes over a bottle of Jameson in their downtown Nashville apartment, Straight 8 client Friends of Lola‘s song “Kissed Me Like Thunder” is prominently featured in the Broad Green Pictures summer cinema hit A Walk in the Woods.

Based on the massively popular novel of the same name, A Walk in the Woods is an iconic silver-screen depiction of the classic tale of rediscovering oneself against the background of America’s most stunning natural landscapes – the 2200-mile Appalachian Trail. Starring Academy Award winners Robert Redford & Emma Thompson and Academy Award nominee Nick Nolte, this new comedic adventure film has been a hit at both the box office and in the hearts and minds of its viewers.

“We’ve been in love with this song since we wrote it”, says FOL frontwoman Cyrena Wages. “It started with an acoustic guitar and a silver tone accordion from the 50’s that Gabe found at a garage sale. Just a folk song, written quickly, honestly, and straight to the point. We never expected anything to come from our debut EP, so it’s been incredible to watch this song take on a life of it’s own. It’s a special one for us – our first cut.”

Originating on their 2013 self-produced EP Letters From Tennessee, “Kissed Me Like Thunder” has been re-released and is now available in single format as well as on the film’s official soundtrack. Check it out today and experience the magic of Appalachia for yourself!


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