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By Grace Lenehan Vaughn


After years of making a name for himself in country music as both a solo artist and songwriter, Lewis Brice is officially on the verge of releasing his first full-length studio album, Product Of. The album’s lead single, “Thanks for the Heartbreak,” serves as the first hint of what’s to come from the project, and Taste of Country readers can hear it first in this exclusive premiere.

The song begins with a laid-back, easygoing rhythm — the kind that could accompany a feel-good country tune — but as Brice begins singing the first verse, it becomes clear that he’s singing about a heartbreak. The beginning of the song gives off a feeling of regret, as Brice imagines what a relationship with his ex-love would be like if she never left. However, that regret soon turns to contentment as he comes out on the other side of the breakup in a better place.

The chorus finds Brice singing to his ex-love and actually thanking her for breaking his heart.

“Thanks for the goodbye / Thanks for the missing you / Thank you for the long nights out of my mind I stayed up drinking through / Thank you for the calls you didn’t pick up / The lipstick note / The songs that I wrote / The pain and the rain that led to brighter days / Thank you for the heartbreak,” he sings in the chorus.


As Brice enters the song’s bridge, he recalls the anger he felt when the relationship initially ended, but he confirms a happy ending after the fact.

“It took losing you for me to find her,” he sings.

Brice co-wrote “Thanks for the Heartbreak” alongside Adam Wood and Kyle Jacobs, the songwriter and husband of Kellie Pickler who tragically died in February.

“Thanks for the Heartbreak” will appear on Product Of, available July 28. The album is also set to feature a duet between the singer and his brother, Lee Brice, on the title track.

“It’s so special to collaborate with my brother on the album’s title track, ‘Product Of,'” Brice tells us. “That song is inspired by my parents and how I was raised, so it made a lot of sense for him to jump on that song with me.”

“I’m so excited to be releasing my first album,” he adds. “I think it’s about time for my fans to hear a whole project of mine that spans from where I come from to where I am now!”

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