A Fragile Tomorrows “Be Nice Be Careful” has been named number 6 of the top 20 albums of 2013 by Goldmine Magazine!!

“Nicely crafted melodic pop from a young, South Carolina-based combo that never comes off as wimpy or cliched. Sean Kelly’s world-wise lyrics belie his age, and his voice – often smooth and edgy simultaneously – takes a smidge of a less-annoying Evan Dando and sautés it with a bit of Elvis Costello. Whether it’s the devastating, autobiographical ballad “My Home” (“I watched my brother die in my home…I lost my faith inside that home”), the timeless, summery guitar pop of “Kernersville” (think the Monkees crossed with mid-period R.E.M.) or the country/rock chug of “Intentions” (featuring a smart set of lyrics about a relationship gone wrong), it’s obvious that these guys are the real deal and bring hook after hook to the party.” – John Borack, Goldmine Mag

Congrats to A Fragile Tomorrow! See the rest of the list here!