Nine Days, the band that hit it big with the 2000 hit “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)”, has signed on to work with us at Straight 8 Entertainment!  Nine Days is originally from Long Island, New York, and after being together for 20 years can proudly say they are still made up of their founding members. John Hampson (vocals, guitar), Brian Desveaux (vocals, guitar), Nick Dimichino (bass), Vincent Tattanelli (drums), and Jeremy Dean (keyboards, saxophone).

Nine Days was formed in 1994, and released three albums independently before releasing “The Maddening Crow” through 550 Music on May 16, 2000. The single “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” hit number one.

Nine Days independently released their seventh album, “Something Out of Nothing”, on October 25, 2013. Stay up to date on Nine Day shows at

We at Straight 8 Entertainment look forward to working with Nine Days! Keep checking our website for news updates!